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Nena, originally uploaded by Manfred Menken.

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Jim Kerr’s First Solo Project – Get a Free Download Now!

Lostboy! AKA.

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Jim Kerr To Release His First Solo Album

by Paul Cashmere ( – March 8 2010

Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr is working on his first ever solo record.

Kerr will be known as Lostboy! AKA for the project.

He says the reason for the album is to reconnect with who he was musically when he was 17 years old.

Kerr will perform his solo gigs around the release in May at King Tut’s in Glasgow, where his first band Johnny and the Self Abusers played more than 30 years ago.

The album will be Kerr’s first ever record without long time partner Charlie Burchill.

Jim is planning on including some very early songs from the first Simple Minds album ‘Life In A Day’ in his solo show.

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Max Herre

Max Herre, originally uploaded by Manfred Menken.

Blick Nach Vorn:

Croatian Times – Simple Minds to have Split concert on 13 November

The legendary Scotch rock band Simple Minds will sing at Split’s Spaladium Arena at 9pm on 13 November with special guests the Vlatko Stefanovski trio.

Charlie Burchill, Jim Kerr – Simple Minds

Charlie Burchill, Jim Kerr – Simple Minds


bass, originally uploaded by Manfred Menken.

Slapping Pipe – Smashing Piccadillys